Purchasing scrubbing machines can be a costly expense and should be researched extensively before buying one. The most important thing to consider is the environment that you will be cleaning and the type of cleaning the unit will perform. The machines can range in price and even though purchasing a scrubber can be a costly endeavour; your purchase can be quickly made up for by decreasing your labour costs. A scrubber can clean a floor 10 times faster than cleaning with a regular mop and bucket. The four main things to know when purchasing this type of floor equipment is the size, power, unit construction and brush type that you will need for the environment you’re cleaning.

The first thing to take a look at before you purchase is the size of the area you are cleaning. Too small scrubbing machines will take extra time and in turn increase your labour costs. If you purchase a scrubber that is too big for the environment it is cleaning, it can sometimes be hard to manoeuvre; making it difficult to clean efficiently. Most scrubbers list both a practical and theoretical cleaning time that is measured in square meters per hour on their specification sheet. Most floor equipment dealers and manufacturers will let you test or demo a machine in the area you wish to clean.

Power is a very important attribute to look at when picking floor equipment. Power relates to scrubbing machines in three ways; the number of batteries, the size of the battery, and the type of battery that the machine utilizes. If you’re cleaning large areas, it is recommended that you use a larger volt system to get additional runtime so that an area can be cleaned before the power supply is depleted on the scrubber.

Scrubbing machines are definitely needed in any business that wish to save time, money, labour and expense. The benefits these machines offer are endless and can never really be measured in full. I suggest you do proper research and find out exactly what it has to offer to your business.