Used Equipment

A clean workplace isn’t just a perk, it’s a necessity, especially when you work in the industrial business. Although Goscor aims to provide customers with the lowest total cost of ownership for industrial cleaning equipment in the market today, sometimes that’s just not low enough. Goscor understands that as well, which is why they provide a range of used, refurbished equipment that will cost you just a fraction of the already low prices on new equipment.

Goscor understands how important it is to work with high-quality products, which is why they believe that you should never have to compromise quality to save money. The refurbished models offered by Goscor are designed with the quality standard of every product they sell, and each model is backed by service and maintenance plans to ensure that your refurbished equipment lasts just as long as everything else they sell.

Check the list of refurbished machines for sale at Goscor, which is always changing depending on what they have available at the time. To learn more about the refurbished machines available, send an email to or call 0861 086 123 CLEAN (25326). The friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Goscor will be able to answer all of your questions and find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your requirements.

Goscor is a proven quality cleaning solutions provider who has been in business for more than three decades. As a member of the National Contract Cleaners Association with a blue chip customer base, you can always Goscor to deliver on quality and commitment to world class service. When you purchase equipment from Goscor, you’re purchasing equipment from some of the best brands in the industry, backed by world class support by a team of professional and experienced staff. Turn to Goscor for equipment and services you can trust.

When it comes to choosing the brand/product to trust for all your cleaning requirements, you do not have to compromise on quality in order to save costs. Goscor Cleaning Equipment is there for you where cost saving is a key performance indicator and element to your decision making. We offer a range of refurbished, used cleaning equipment of high quality at the fraction of the price.  We also offer service and maintenance plans on all our machines.

To find out more about used machines for SALE, please email  or phone 086 123 CLEAN (25326).