Sustainable change and improvement in the workplace can only be achieved when staff understand the need to embrace ground breaking technology. It is also necessary that the workforce culture is ready to accept this change. For the first time in 15 years a new floor care technology is being introduced into hospitals. It is this particular ground breaking technology, called FaST, which Tennant believe will change the way hospitals are cleaned in the future. In the search for better hygiene standards it is the responsibility of all senior managers to help find the right solution.

Tennant’s new technology is aligned to the hospital’s workplace needs as follows: Improved hygiene standards, environmental savings, improved health and safety, higher employee morale and productivity, lower costs and improved public image.

Tennant’s FaST (foam activated scrubbing technology) system is an innovative fast foam technology which increases the productivity of scrubber-dryers whilst reducing water and detergent usage and operational costs. It also assists in improving levels of hygiene. The Tennant FaST system uses an on board cartridge to release an appropriate amount of concentrate, which is mixed with water and compressed air. This creates a self collapsing cleaning foam that ensures activationof a higher detergent percentage. When  the foam is recovered by the scrubber-dryer, it has returned completely to its liquid state, leaving the floors cleaner, and because less water has been used, also drier and safer.

As less water is needed, 1 tank will last much longer than conventional machines, saving time spent draining and filling, shortening the overall job time and increasing productivity. This means a reduction in labour costs of an average of 30 percent.