Street sweepers have been around for centuries, much like the chimney sweeps of old. But, the

first mechanized street sweeper machine in the world was sold to the city of Boise, Idaho in Illinois

America in 1913. This milestone in mechanized history was sold by the Elgin company whose

machines live on today in this company, Goscor Cleaning. This kind of street sweeper machine

historically swept the street with brooms and deposited the debris into dustpans located on the

street sweeper machine. In this manner the streets and pavements were kept clean for the smooth

passage of pedestrians and traffic.


As time progressed and new strides were made in mechanics and the vagaries of the street sweeper

machine, water tanks and sprayers were added so that any rubbish that had collected in the streets

could be conveniently blasted into the storm water drains that had by this time been added to

all cities drainage systems. This blasting was a very dusty process. The street sweeper machine

eventually developed into a huge, bulky machine which operated similar to a motor car, but which

was infinitely slower because it was so cumbersome.


Nowadays, the street sweeper machine has developed into a useful and necessary part of any city’s

municipal services and falls under the Sanitation Department. Keeping a city’s streets clean has to

be done to prevent the spread of disease and the foul odors than can permeate into office buildings.

In addition, the leaves, dirt and litter also had to be swept away. In areas where there are factories

and industrial warehouses, as different kind of street sweeping machine is used. Here, one is needed

that can dispose of potentially harmful wastes and run-offs from various chemical substances.


There are many types of street sweeper machines depending of the type of street sweeping that is

needed. They are graded into different abilities and sizes and they would be used in the area where

they would be most suited. They are bought or rented by a city’s sanitation department and typically

residents of the city pay for this privilege of having clean streets in their monthly taxes. The very

modern street sweeper machines do not blow dust into the air being very mindful of health and

pollution issues.


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