An auto scrubber is a specialized cleaning machine, which is available in different configurations and models for different application areas.

Auto scrubber are available as ‘walk behind’ models, ‘walk behind’ automatic scrubbers, battery driven scrubbers and ‘ride-on’ scrubbers. These versatile machines are employed to keep hard surfaces clean and hygienic. They are used in buildings, parking garages, shopping malls, air port concourses, and industrial sites. Some of them like the ‘walk behind’ models are rather compact machines, hardly larger than a floor polisher, while at the other end of the scale are the ‘ride-on’ models for heavier applications, yet their compact design allows for use in relatively tight spaces.

An auto scrubber works on the principle of a rotating brush (or brushes, depending on the model) picking up debris and depositing it in a bin. At the same time water – from a built in tank- is dispensed, which in modern machines, through a break-through technology, water is enhanced to detergent quality by electrically activating the water into a detergent like substance. This means that water starts and ends as water and not detergent. This technology, of course, is highly beneficial to the environment. These scrubbers dry the surface as they clean, and is therefore safe to use by operators as slipping on wet surfaces is prevented. The tanks used in an auto scrubber are easily cleaned and therefore prevents any bacteria growth. Although the cleaning process with an auto scrubber requires very little water, some models may hold up to 50 litres in order to clean very large surfaces and precluding the operator from often returning to the base to fill up the tanks with water. These auto scrubbers are battery driven for ease of operation and to prevent the release of any environmentally unfriendly exhaust gasses.

What is particularly remarkable about these machines is the quietness of operation. Even the large machines operate at about 68 decibels, rendering a whisper quiet operation. Because of the requirement of clean surfaces and environmentally friendly public and work spaces, these machines are deployed wherever such requirements exist. So, while you may not hear it, you are bound to see one of these machines in the airport concourse next time you fly anywhere.