Industrial floor scrubber machines are available in different application solutions, different sizes, different power mechanisms and different configurations.

These machines are used to ensure a safe and clean floor environment in a number of instances ranging from airport concourse applications to shopping malls to factory floors. Industrial floor scrubbing machines are available in smaller ‘walk behind’ models to large power driven ‘ride on’ models depending on the floor size and cleaning requirements of the customer. This is clearly a specialised category of industrial machines and large distributors like Goscor not only have the knowhow to share with customers, but also the required back-up systems to ensure optimal serviceability to the customer.

Industrial floor scrubber machines are used in a variety of different environments, each with its own requirements, but safety considerations are always a first. Mostly used in closed and productive areas these machines are battery driven to prevent the release of exhaust gasses, harmful to people working in enclosed environments. Because these machines employ water and in some cases some form of detergent, the safety of employees is paramount in providing a slip free surface. To this end these machines are equipped with excellent water recovery processes in both forward and reverse movements. Some of these machines are further equipped with sanitizing tanks ensuring a hygienic cleaning surface. Because these tanks are enclosed it is important that they should be easily reachable to clean and thereby reduce the risk of bacteria and other contaminants growing in the tanks merely to be redistributed to the floor areas. The noise level of any equipment used in a work environment must be of such level not to be disturbing to workers and some of these machines supplied by Goscor, as an example, are almost whisper quite operating at fewer than 70 decibels.

As in the case of any other industrial type equipment deployed in a production environment, after sales service to industrial floor scrubber machines is very important. The availability of spares as well as new brushes and pads and also maintenance services are important in keeping the floors of your working space or any public space, like airport concourses, clean and hygienic.