S7 Walk-Behind Sweeper

The S7 Walk-Behind Sweepers are built to stand up to a variety of environments, while operating quietly to avoid disruption.

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S10 Walk-Behind Industrial Sweeper

Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.

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S12 Compact Rider Sweeper

Perfect for large and small spaces, the compact S12 riding sweeper conveniently cleans hard and soft floors. No tools required to change brushes and filters.

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S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized rider floor sweeper is a heavy duty machine that maneuvers easily in tight spaces with the sweeping performance of a mid-size sweeper.

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S30 Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is simple to operate and maintain, and helps improves a facility’s image for both heavy and light dust applications.

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800 Industrial Rider Sweeper

Tennant’s 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper features a wide cleaning path and large capacity hopper to capture everything from cement dust to heavy debris.

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Industrial Sweepers for Sale

Tennant is one of the world’s number one names in the industrial cleaning equipment industry, and Goscor is proud to offer an extensive range of sweepers from this world class manufacturer. Tennant provides robust and reliable sweepers suited for a range of applications both indoors and outdoors.

Each Tennant sweeper provided by Goscor is designed with patented cleaning technologies to provide the most effective cleaning solutions from the smallest areas to the largest. The sweepers get the job done with optimal dust control features built in, so that you don’t end up with a second mess to clean up when you’re done sweeping or risk facing harmful respiratory issues.

Try the Tennant rider floor sweepers to maximize your cleaning inside and take advantage of their heavy duty battery powered industrial floor sweepers to meet the biggest, toughest sweeping jobs head on. Whether you’re working in industrial, mining, retail, or outdoors, Goscor has the perfect Tennant sweeper for you. Choose from nine different models in the range, from push sweepers to large-scale riding sweepers, and enclosed or open-top street and parking lot sweepers.

Buff the floors or clean the streets with the Tennant S9 – 7200m2, the S3 – 2500m2 dual brush sweeper, or the 3268m2. Hop on for a ride outside with the Tennant S12 – 3600m2, 6100 – 3800 m2, 6200 – 6420m2 and S20 – 7620m2 dual brush ride-on sweepers, and the S30 – 9540m2 and 800 – 10 050m2 street and parking lot sweepers.

Choose Goscor cleaning equipment for products and services that you can trust. Goscor has been in the business for more than three decades, providing a combination of world class products, innovative solutions and professional support to every customer. Goscor provides a wide range of equipment from some of the best names in the industry, and the friendly and experienced professionals at Goscor understand each of their customers’ needs and expectations.