Tennant T2 and T3 scrubber-dryers from Goscor Cleaning Equipment clean up the retail environment


The Tennant T2 and T3 scrubber-dryers from Goscor Cleaning Equipment offer an affordable environmental health and safety solution by keeping the floors of any small to medium-sized retail facility spotlessly clean.

Retail stores in the FMCG industry are obliged to adhere to strict Health & Safety regulations which include a spotless shop floor. In addition to hygiene and appearance, cleaning up spillages also increases customer safety. But keeping floors clean can be an endless time consuming and expensive task, especially for facilities that experience high volumes of foot traffic. “Furthermore, cleaning is not their core business so the challenge here is to find the most affordable and effective cleaning method,” says Goscor Cleaning Equipment Sales Manager, Jonathan Kirsch.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment has the perfect affordable, no-fuss cleaning solution with the T2 and T3 scrubber-dryers. These rugged machines meet all the requirements of this market segment; they are compact and reliable, deliver high performance, are easy to operate, have low operating and maintenance costs, and offer numerous additional features to ensure a clean, safe, pleasant and healthy working and shopping environment.

“These machines have been engineered to optimise a facility’s health and safety environment,” continues Kirsch. “They will do the job effectively, quickly and affordably, with no disruption to customers, while taking the comfort and safety of both customers and the operator into account.

The machines are amongst the quietest in the industry; at 68.5 decibels, which is comparable to normal conversation levels, it can deliver quiet ‘anytime’ cleaning even in noise-sensitive environments without causing any discomfort.

The risk of slip-and-fall accidents are greatly reduces with Tennant’s industry leading water recovery. Small, congested spaces are ready for foot traffic immediately after scrubbing. The high-performance T3 walk-behind scrubber cleans thoroughly, leaving behind no cleaning solution. Even around 180-degree turns, the T3’s equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee recovers all cleaning solution from the floor.

An alternative scrubbing option available on the T3 is the award-winning Foam activating Scrubbing Technology (FaST), the first and only automatic scrubbing system to receive high-traction certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). FaST delivers an advanced state of safety and cleanliness, eliminating slippery chemical residues; just-scrubbed floors are immediately dry and safe for foot traffic. In addition, FaST-Pak detergent cartridge avoids the handling of chemicals and offers significant savings by accurately measuring water and detergent to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Hygiene on the machine itself is optimised with Tennant’s easy-to-clean hygienic recovery tanks and debris trays that are easily accessible for sanitization, reducing scrubber tank mould, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks.

The compact dimensions of the T2 which weighs only 136kg (with gel battery) facilitates easy and comfortable manoeuvring in small congested spaces. By completely cleaning and drying small, congested areas in one pass, the machine increases operation efficiency and productivity dramatically and improves cleanliness and safety in previously difficult-to-reach areas.

Great care has been taken during the design of the T2 and T3 to maximise operator safety and comfort. “A comfortable operator is less fatigued, works safer, more effectively and thus more productively,” adds Kirsch. The machines feature one of industry’s most simplified controls which fast- tracks operator training and enables the operator to focus solely on the cleaning environment. The T2’s low push force pad-assistance and height adjustable safety-trigger handle design further facilitates easy handling. The ergonomic design of the T3 ensures clear sight lines at all times.

“The powerful T-series delivers the superior cleaning performance that Tennant has become famous for. The T2 and T3 tick all the boxes for a clean, safe, healthy environment and sets the industry benchmark in machine uptime, productivity and rapid return on investment,” concludes Kirsch.

Goscor Access Rental’s after-sales service support and genuine Tennant parts, engineered in conjunction with Tennant equipment, enhance machine reliability for ultimate peace of mind.