High pressure cleaners are freely available through various suppliers of high pressure cleaners in South Africa in the retail industry, ranging from furnishers to supermarkets and hardware stores. They are very popular with homeowners and are available in different models. Delivering up to 20bar and a flow rate of 600 litres per hour and some with a detergent tank these small electrically driven machines are a boon around the home. Should you own an ocean going ski boat, you will know it is some job cleaning the boat after each fishing trip with fresh water. Well, using a high pressure cleaner makes it so much easier also reaching into those awkward corners. For use on farms and other outdoors places there are models available which are driven by petrol engines for the cleaning of farm implements, machinery and other uses.

There is a large application range for these devices, other than cleaning cars. Pool surrounds, patio floors, garage floors, driveways, drain cleaning and other uses makes this a ‘must have’ home appliance. Suppliers of high pressure cleaners will also supply special fittings for these machines, allowing you to use them in blasting applications, such as removing moss from pathways. They will also supply you with bio degradable detergents, so you can rightly say that you clean ‘green’!

An interesting application of high pressure cleaners is a special kit available from suppliers of high pressure cleaners that allows you to clean out blocked pipes and gutters. By pushing the pipe cleaning pipe into the blocked pipe and pull the trigger. The pipe will be propelled along the pipe until it reaches the blockage. By repeatedly pulling and releasing the trigger the pipe will repeatedly bounce against the blockage until it is clean. These machines are truly versatile and you are bound to find other uses for yours in and outdoors of your home. Of particular interest is the wet blasting attachment, which will surely do a good job of removing algae from your swimming pool walls that got coated while you were on holiday during the rainy season and grandpa forgot about swimming pool treatment after a thunder storm.