With Delfin’s range of DG EXP three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) is offering a game-changing industrial vacuuming solution for all areas of application, from dust to liquid and solid material. 

The Delfin DG EXP family of industrial vacuum cleaners – the DG 30 EXP, DG 50 EXP, DG 70 EXP and DG 75 EXP – sets a new era in industrial cleaning with its three-phase vacuum prowess. Available in South Africa from leading cleaning equipment supplier, GCE, the DG EXP is ideally suited for dust, solid and liquid materials, and ranges from 2,2 to 7,5 kW.

The three-phase vacuum cleaners comprise three major components – the suction unit, filter unit and collection unit. The suction unit is a side channel blower, with direct coupling between the motor and the impeller fan. It is designed without any transmission system, and is therefore silent, totally maintenance-free and suitable for continuous duty operations. “A vacuum gauge enables constant checking of the suction performance, and detecting of possible clogging of the filter,” explains Peter Esterhuizen, National Sales Director at GCE.

The standard filter cleaning mechanism is operated by an external lever that shakes the filter vertically and enables the filter to be cleaned thoroughly and safely, maintaining constant suction performance and preventing any dispersion of dust in the environment.

“The large surface star filter, located inside the filter chamber, is made of polyester and provides high resistance against clogging and passage of fine dust. A vacuum gauge enables the operator to constantly check the state of the filter and detect possible clogging, warning the operator that the filter must be cleaned, dependent on the type and quantity of dust ,additional filtration and cleaning options are available such as self-purging cartridge filters,” says Esterhuizen.

The third crucial part of the vacuum cleaner is the collection unit (100 litres). The vacuumed material is collected into a wheeled steel detachable container, which can be extracted for easy disposal and can be used with optional disposable bags, for safer and handier disposal. “The vacuum is mounted on a sturdy steel chassis with pivoting wheels, one of which has brakes,” says Esterhuizen.

The range

With a 2,2 kW side channel blower, suction inlet diameter of 80 mm and 124 kg of weight, the DG 30 EXP finds application in almost any industry and professionals sector. Large capacity, power and robustness make it a safe investment for any enterprise. A major talking point is the maintenance-free motor suitable for 24/7 continuous duty. It can vacuum dust, liquid and solid material at the same time. It can be deployed in the food industry, aluminium and PVC, metalworking, vehicle cleaning and surface preparation.

The DG 50 EXP comes with a 4 kW side channel blower and weighs in at 137 kg. Its application range includes the food industry, aluminium and PVC, paper industry, building and construction, metalworking, vehicle cleaning and surface preparation.

Equipped with a 5,5 kW maintenance-free side channel blower, and weighing in at 146 kg, the DG 70 EXP can be deployed across several applications, including rubber, plastics, vehicle cleaning, surface preparation, textile, metalworking, building and construction, paper, aluminium and PVC, as well as the food industry.

The model DG 75 EXP sets a new era in its category, both in terms of power and performances. Weighing in at 170 kg, it comes with a 7,5 kW maintenance-free side channel blower. Its excellent suction performances combined with its compactness and high filtration efficiency, make it suitable for application in any industrial field. “Its application range includes shipyards, aviation, food industry, electronics, building and construction, rubber, leather, wood and surface preparation,” concludes Esterhuizen.