Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the spotlight on hygiene and safe work protocols has been brought to the fore.  It comes as no surprise that the focus has been placed on the stringent requirements necessary for all processes and equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

There are significant challenges and potential risks involved when manufacturing and processing food products.  During the manufacturing process, dust particles often become airborne, which may pose a threat to employee health and could even cause devastating combustible dust explosions.

Without the essential equipment in place to prevent these kinds of dust explosions, the damages to personnel, machinery and plants can be significant, and cause production to cease for a long period of time.


South Africa’s leading industrial and commercial cleaning equipment solutions provider, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) supplies a range of vacuum cleaners designed to satisfy the demanding needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.  Delfin’s range of industrial vacuum cleaners have the highest levels of filtration and performance, essential for total and secure suction of fine and toxic material.

Delfin is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners and suction units and has developed a range of products suitable for solving specialist cleaning and recycling challenges in a wide range of applications.

“The pharmaceutical and food industries must avoid any form of contamination to guarantee the highest quality of finished product,” states GCE’s Sales Director Peter Esterhuizen.  “Delfin’s industrial vacuum and conveying solutions help processing facilities meet cleanliness, hygiene and safety standards with 100% certainty.”

High-efficiency filtration is essential to avoid contamination, preserve quality and safeguard respiratory health. Delfin vacuums offers multi-stage filtration to capture fine dust and guarantee sterility of the environment.


Safety is an important aspect when dealing with very fine dust and potentially explosive environments. Delfin vacuum cleaners boast the widest range of Atex certifications on the market obtained thanks to construction criteria that guarantee maximum prevention of the risk of explosion. The exclusive double 1 / 3D-2D certification inside and outside the aspirator allows to guarantee total safety even with a full container.

Delfin has a reputation and track record as a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners. The reliability and durability of the Delfin system, as well as its compliance with the specifications and performance requirements along with the trusted product support and expertise provided by GCE affords manufacturers peace of mind and the assurance that their product is manufactured under the highest hygienic standards.

“We are able to offer solutions in terms of equipment for any cleaning need or challenge. Ultimately, we strive to ensure that cleanliness standards are maintained throughout, and that all environments are rendered safe and hygienic to work in.” Esterhuizen concludes.

Companies are increasingly including dust combustion as a potential risk factor in their workplace safety assessments, with regard to the products they make, and the amounts of dust created by the production. GCE vacuum specialists can assist manufacturers with identifying these risks and recommending the appropriate equipment and cleaning procedures.