Because of differing terrain and sweeping requirements there are different models of road sweepers. Road sweeping machines come are all motor driven but the more heavy duty machines are actually truck mounted.

Road sweeping machines are used in a wider application area than mere road sweeping, as their versatility allows them to be used on large construction sites as well as industrial sites where the collection of debris is important, for both safety reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. The reason why the majority of road sweeping machines are truck based is to allow for extended time sweeping and to accommodate the resulting larger volumes of debris. Road sweeping machines are available in different designs and debris feeding mechanisms to allow usage in different applications and terrains.

Because African conditions vary from that of the USA or Europe, a specific model was designed and engineered to cope with the rougher terrain often encountered as well as the different climatic conditions and indeed local economics. These road sweeping machines have a high-productivity sweep system, backed by an efficient air conveyance system. It further has a water system for dust control and an efficient debris storage and dump system. These attributes together with its compact and agile design, makes it the ideal machine for use by Local Authorities and Metropolitan areas, as it can service various road designs including alleys and narrow roads. Because of the stringentcleaning requirements of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, these machines were tested for the first time under those conditions and passed without any set back whatsoever.

Because of their experience in this field, Goscor Cleaning, are the right people to contact in regardthe different models available in the South African market and their application range. In the available range there are also road sweeping machines available for application in smaller areas or shorter distances, which are motorised but not truck based. One such machine was specifically designed to be light and agile enough to be used in car parks as well as narrow roads and alley ways.

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