When looking for a road scrubber company Pretoria you have to take a number of factors into consideration. Whether you are looking to buy a scrubbing machine or to rent one, you will find a number of road scrubber company Pretoria who offer both services.

If you are looking to buy a machine in order to regularly clean a commercial space then there are two aspects which you need to consider when evaluating each different road scrubber company Pretoria. These two aspects are maintenance and operator training


When looking for a road scrubber company Pretoria make sure that the supplier offers a good maintenance plan. In order for your scrubber to last it needs to be regularly maintained. Parts such as the brushes, skirts and panel filters need to be checked in order for the machine to work as efficiently as possible. Depending on the scrubber supplier which you choose based in Pretoria, you will have the option of different service plans. Usually you will have an option of monthly, bi monthly or quarterly maintenance plans.

Remember that a regularly maintained scrubber is a scrubber that will last for a longer time. But what about in the case of emergencies? Pretoria is a big city, so in the case of emergencies will the road scrubber company Pretoria be able to fix your machine at your place of business? A 24 hour call out is another beneficial service, which could really save you in times of emergency, ask if the various scrubber suppliers offer this valuable service.

Operator training

Does the scrubber supplier offer a operator training programme in Pretoria? A road scrubber company Pretoria should offer local operator training. Although scrubbers are designed to be as user friendly as possible you still need to have the proper training in order to know what you or your staff member should be doing. Scrubbers are not cheap and the incorrect use of your scrubber can cause serious damage to the machine. An operator training programme is essential when learning how to use this new machine. Before settling on a road scrubber company Pretoria be sure that they offer a full operator training programme.