There is a saying in South Africa that local is “lekka”. This means that it is better to buy local than to buy imports. The question is whether this saying is actually accurate or not. Let us take a look at the two options as they apply to ride on sweepers South Africa.


This is probably the easiest way to get ride on sweepers South Africa. They are already in the country so there will be no import duty and no tax and all the rest of that. The problem that you do face with local supplies is that the companies that sell them need to make a profit. This means that they have most likely already added  a bit onto what the sweepers actually cost. You will be able to get the sweepers a lot more quickly though.


This is an option that will take a lot longer to get you your ride on sweeper. It is likely that even with all of the tax and import duties, it will be a bit cheaper than buying one from a company in South Africa. The problem would be finding a company outside of this country that will ship this kind of item to you. not all companies are willing to do that. They feel that it is just too much effort for a single order and will only ship bulk orders. If you can find a company that is willing to ship the equipment, can you wait that long?

As you can see, both the local and import option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting ride on sweepers South Africa. In the long run, you can really make your life a lot easier if you decide to go local. You do not have to try to  find an international supplier and you do not have to worry about whether the sweeper will actually arrive or not. If you are really stingy and are willing to wait the extra time you could import a sweeper, but it is really seldom worth the extra effort.