The Tennant Sentinel power sweeper offers state of the art dry dust control.

While most other outdoor sweepers are a bust when it comes to catching dust, the Tennant Sentinel traps particles as fine as 3 microns, making it simply the best in the business. Along with its state-of-the-art dry-dust control system, the Sentinel offers an optional 2.9m high dump that allows discharge into large roll-off bins and dump trucks. In addition, the trim, compact size of the Sentinel means it squeezes down the narrowest of alleys, and its power, four-wheel steering offers impressive maneuverability to easily sweep around obstacles and snake through congested city streets.

The Sentinel’s excellent sweeping ability features a self-adjusting, centre-point-suspended main brush that efficiently picks up sand, dirt, rocks, broken glass and bulky light debris. Main brush dust is pulled by twin, high-volume vacuum fans into a long-lasting, high capacity filter to remove dust particles and exhaust clean air.

The Sentinel also offers a stainless-steel hopper that holds up to 2.6 cubic metres of debris as well as a roomy, quiet cab with heater-pressuriser, quad mirrors and a spring suspension luxury seat that ensures a comfortable ride.

The model Sentinel power sweeper is ideal for mining applications, municipal councils, streets, airports, military bases, cement plants and many more outdoor applications.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment is proud to be able to bring this machine to the South African market.