Car wash equipment South Africa is available for both commercial and domestic purposes. The most common commercial type cleaners are the well known car wash cubicles equipped with an automated machine with rollers; a high pressure water system, as well as hot air blowers to pre dry the car. Other water based systems use mobile high pressure water based systems, involving either self service washing or labour driven systems. Yet another type of commercial cleaner system, which is waterless uses wax as a suspension agent to lift the dirt and it is wiped away by microfiber cloths, with minimal water usage. Domestic systems are mobile high pressure hoses that do away with the traditional bucket of water, soap and a cloth. All of these systems are supported by additionally available equipment, like vacuuming systems, engine cleaners and a variety of chemicals.

Car wash equipment South Africa is available through a variety of suppliers including franchise organizations. It reportedly takes some 200 litres of water to wash a single car with the large water based commercial installations, which in real terms is rather a lot of water considering the volume throughput of some of these installations.

Operational costs are fairly well protected against labour costs as these machines are mostly self driven and the only labour components are encountered at the vacuuming and drying bays. Electricity, and chemicals, however, remains a major cost component to the overall operational costs of such systems. An interesting development in car wash equipment is the waterless wax based system, or the so called ‘green option’. This is a mobile system which uses wax as the cleaning agent and uses very little water at all – water is used for rinsing cloths, and not in the main car wash application. It reportedly takes some 20 minutes to wash a car as opposed to double the time by conventional systems.

Car wash equipment South Africa for the domestic market involves the use of mobile high pressure water systems that delivers considerable pressure to the water in washing the car. The nozzle of the hose is adjustable to deliver a powerful jet of water to remove mud and the like from vehicles, while another adjustment allows for a spraying action to rinse. A lot better than a bucket of water and soap!