Leading industrial cleaning solutions provider, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) has launched a new industrial vacuum cleaning division, which will utilise the products of its latest international partner, Italy-based Delfin.

Delfin is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners and suction units, and has developed a range of products suitable for solving specialist cleaning and recycling challenges in a wide range of applications.

Newly appointed GCE product manager for industrial vacuums, Graeme Kruger, has been in the industrial vacuum business for more than 13 years and is one of South Africa’s leading experts in the recycling and cleaning of hazardous materials. He says that the new division, apart from servicing standard industrial vacuuming requirements, will provide specialist solutions for hazardous environments.

“Our years of experience in working in hazardous environments, our expertise in high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration techniques for such environments and the backup of the Delfin product will make us one of the leading solutions providers in this niche segment in the country,” says Kruger.

HEPA filters, typically composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibreglass fibres, are designed to target the smallest particles and pollutants through a combination of three mechanisms: interception, impaction and diffusion. “With our Delfin range, which optimises HEPA filtration, we can remove 99.9% of the offending particles,” he says.

Kruger adds that GCE works in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, mining, aerospace, medical, food, paper, cement, electronics, engineering and many others. “In terms of engineering we have equipment that picks up cutting fluids and other waste products for recycling and re-use. “In fact, the vacuuming of products for recycling is a major aspect of what we do,” says Kruger

GCE MD Ricky Bodmer says he is optimistic about the new division. “We have all the necessary ammunition to offer our customers the best possible service and, as with all our divisions we are in a position to make tailor-made solutions to suit our customers’ specific needs. 

Part of the Goscor group since the company was founded in 1984, GCE has equipment and cleaning solutions to suit a wide range of customers across a multitude of applications. It boasts the leading brands in the industry including Tennant, Elgin, Italimpia, Ghibli Guzzler, Vactor and Cherrington and now Delfin.

For more information please call Graeme Kruger on 011 230 2600.