A revolutionary new cleaning concept that will see the demise of the mop-and-bucket system has been introduced into the local market by Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE).

The Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® system has been proven to be 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from grout lines than mopping, which is more than likely to spread contamination, as opposed to removing it.

“It is going to revolutionise the whole cleaning industry. It is basically saying let us get rid of mops, because they simply move the dirt. It focuses on dirt not as grime, but as potentially harmful contaminants. How do we ensure we remove all bacteria so that the contamination does not multiply? The Kaivac equipment is all designed around that concept,” GCE General Manager Greg Venter comments.

The introduction of Kaivac into the local market is part of GCE’s underlying philosophy of providing the latest technology to ensure its customers benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership at the end of the day. Kaivac International Business Manager Marc Ferguson adds that this makes the company’s products a natural fit with GCE’s existing portfolio.

“Clearly GCE is an expert in the industrial and commercial cleaning environment. Our products are really complementary,” Ferguson stresses. The range consists of the Kaivac 2150, designed for large-capacity cleaning applications such as high schools, universities, airports, convention centres, factories, warehouses, stadia, and even large hospitals.

The Kaivac 1250 is designed specifically for smaller facilities, while the Kaivac 1750 combines high capacity and compact size for added value. It includes innovative features such as a removable ‘black box’ engine compartment for rapid repair and exchange.

The range combines automatic chemical metering and injection with an indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum. “The result is a fully integrated cleaning system that allows workers to hygienically clean contaminated surfaces without any danger to their own health and safety. The end result is not only improved cleaning, but also reduced labour, chemical and equipment costs, and much higher productivity,” Ferguson explains.

GCE will also introduce Kaivac’s OmniFlex range to the local market. This includes the OmniFlex™ SUV™ for hard-surface floor cleaning needs, the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system for the heaviest soil and grease conditions, and the OmniFlex AutoVac™ automated floor-cleaning machine.

“OmniFlex™ is a modular system with a ‘plug-and-play’ capability, which means end users can add and subtract accessories, ultimately creating the best platform possible for their specific cleaning needs,” Ferguson elaborates.

Commenting on Kaivac’s decision to enter the African market at this point in time, Ferguson highlights that the contract cleaning industry here is similar to that in Europe and Russia, for example, where the latest trend is also towards more automated, ultra-hygienic equipment and processes. “We will also use GCE as a springboard into the rest of Africa,” he reveals.

Explaining what makes Kaivac unique, Ferguson says all of its systems are predicated on a scientific approach to cleaning. “All of our machines have validated outcomes, where everything is measured. The cleaning industry, in fact, is poor at such end-result measurement and validation. It needs better technology for improved results, and we have the systems that can deliver that,” he concludes.

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