Southern African distributor of the Tennant cleaning equipment range announced the launch of a green-labeled ETL certified upright vacuum cleaner known as the Tennant model 3120 in Southern Africa.

Vacuum cleaning moved from cleaning carpets and other surfaces into a science where it is important not just to remove dust, but also ensure good indoor air quality. (IAQ) Vacuums that effectively remove soil and keep carpets looking good will lead to carpets lasting longer, increasing return on investment.

In 2000 the CRI (United States) introduced a Green label testing program for vacuum cleaners. The testing program entails two areas of testing: a) general purpose vacuums approved for use on all conventional carpet styles; and b) vacuums specifically approved for use on carpet with a low pile, or surface texture, measuring approximately 1/4 inch or less. Vacuum cleaners that meet test protocols may display the CRI green label on packaging and the products itself.

Tennant International’s 3120 upright vacuum cleaner passed the low pile protocol which means that the 3120 vacuum cleaner is approved for use on carpet typically found in commercial or institutional buildings, such as corporate offices, schools and healthcare facilities.

The 3120 vacuum cleaner use dual motor performance, which means that one motor spins the dynamically balanced high-speed brush while the other creates powerful dirt-lifting suction, improving the vacuum action.

Operator comfort is one of its key features. These upright vacuum cleaners a re light weight and are supplied with an ergonomic grip handle and knuckle guard which will minimize user fatigue. An easy-access top-mounted crevice tool makes the cleaning of baseboards and other small areas easy. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a longer higher-stretching hose, which maximize operator reach.

The 3120 upright vacuum cleaner uses 3-ply filtration vacuum bags and accommodates a generous 4.5 liter capacity which increase productivity and sanitation. On-board tool storage, including an extra vacuum cleaning bag increases productivity as the operator do not have to make frequent trips to the supply store to replace the vacuum bag. 

“At Tennant South Africa we aim to supply just the best quality equipment and cleaning solutions. The 3210 upright vacuum cleaner operates at a low noise level of 69 dBA, which makes it ideal for use in schools, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, casinos and retail applications such as large retail stores.” Says Ricky Bodmer, director at Tennant South Africa.

“The mere fact that our vacuum cleaners are green-labeled and comply to health standards, just enforce our motto of “Working for a cleaner environment”. We are proud to be distributors of such an excellent range of cleaning equipment and our sales team just enhance the product range with exceptional support and after sales service.”