Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE), Southern Africa’s foremost industrial and commercial cleaning equipment specialist, is expanding its iconic Tennant equipment range with the introduction of the new Tennant T17 scrubber-dryer.

“This new high performing, heavy-duty battery ride-on Tennant T17 scrubber-dryer is another masterpiece in the Tennant stable and has been specially engineered to tick all the boxes when it comes to customer requirements,” states National Sales Manager at GCE, Alex Theodoridis. “Built-in key features address the fundamentals of productivity, cost saving and safety while revolutionary ec-H20™ technology reduces the environmental footprint.”

The machine’s enhanced cleaning system maximises floor cleaning capacity to increase customers’ uptime and productivity. Fifty percent more power is delivered by the two 1.125kW scrub brush motors with a 10% increase in down force. A significant increase in battery capacity gives the Tennant T17 the largest available battery capacity in its class. In economy mode and on a single charge, the machine is capable of uninterrupted cleaning for an eight hour shift. The scrubbing side brush facilitates edge-to-edge cleaning, improving reach and increasing the machine’s cleaning path by 30% from 1015mm to 1320mm.

The Tennant’s ec-H20™ technology which won the prestigious European Business Award 2009 for the Business Innovation of the Year, takes cleaning one step further. The technology electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning chemicals and methods.

Alex added that the ec-H20™ capability is offered with a S.E. (Severe Environment) switch to allow the operator to disengage the ec-H20™ function on the fly to use conventional detergents.

The excellent water recovery system uses patent-pending technology to help maintain a safe environment by reducing the risk of slips and falls. The Dura-Track™ squeegee features a swinging parabolic design that provides uniform suction across the squeegee blade for exceptional water pickup leaving floors virtually dry. Dual vacuum fans increase airflow, while the Variable Drain Valve™ System with the easily adjustable tank drain valve and large 77mm drain hoses delivers fast clean-outs preventing messy clean-ups and/or overflows.

The ergonomic operator centric design and easy-to-use controls facilitate operation and allow for fast, easy training. The scrubbing system can be activated with a single large green button thanks to the Touch-n-Go™ control module with a 1-Step™ start button. A FOPS certified overhead guard rail protects operators from falling objects. The T17’s quiet operation (66 dB A) ensures operator comfort.

Maintenance is quick and easy with clearly marked yellow touch points for quick identification of maintenance locations. Simple no-tool brush changes and maintenance-free brushless scrub and propel motors further reduce costs and downtime.

The unit features a rugged, durable high quality construction which includes a wrap-around steel bumper to withstand wear and tear and to sustain reliable performance even in the harshest environments.

According to Theodoridis, the Tennant T17 boasts numerous environmental accreditations. “The ec-H20™ and FaST Technologies are NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) certified and registered by NSF International.”

The machine is available with a cylindrical or disc brush configuration depending on application and floor type. Customised solutions to meet individual customer requirements as well as a number of optional extras such as a combination cleaning system (pre-sweep attachment for effective debris and dust capturing and disposal), are also available from GCE.

The significant cleaning power of the Tennant T17 high-performance cost effective scrub system will enhance the image of any facility and provide a safe working environment by efficiently maintaining a high standard of consistently clean floors.

GCE, part of Imperial, was formerly known as Tennant SA and was officially appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Tennant range to Southern Africa over 30 years ago. Tennant Company, founded in 1870 and based in the USA, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment.

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