The hospitality industry’s most competitive advantage is measured by customer satisfaction. Hygiene and cleanliness remain most pertinent in the hospitality industry – especially across most hotels and restaurants.  While amenities are also considered significant factors in the customer experience, hygiene and sanitation have a powerful impact on the overall impression of the experience and should not be underestimated.

As the hospitality industry gears up for eased lockdown restrictions in South Africa, businesses are following the global trend in establishing comprehensive disinfection programmes and schedules.

Where cleaning has traditionally been a behind-the-scenes function, the hospitality industry has brought it into the public eye – making “clean” the new buzzword in the industry – associating it with something that is virus-free.

These cleaning progammes mean that there is increased disinfection of restrooms and public spaces by deep cleaning and increasing the frequency of cleaning in these areas.

“Cleaning public restrooms eliminates bathroom dangers, like contracting streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and hepatitis A, that present real public health risks. Now add the threat of contracting COVID-19 to the mix and cleaning public toilets has never been more important to human health and economic stability,” states Peter Esterhuizen, Sales Director of Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE).

As a leading provider of cleaning equipment solutions, GCE believes that it is vital for hotels and restaurants to deploy state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and detergents/ disinfectants that achieve desired results.

‘No touch’ cleaning

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning must yield maximum results and create hygienic and healthy spaces. With Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning®, supplied locally by GCE, customers are assured of effective cleaning whilst ensuring operator safety.

When it comes to cleaning restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning technology. Designed for the worker, Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® gets surfaces extremely clean; reduces cleaning times by as much as two-thirds; and is 30-60 times better than conventional cleaning methods.  This innovative spray-and-vac system removes soils from fixtures, floors and walls in one step, leaving surfaces dry and ready to use. Cleaning time is cut to as little as one minute per fixture and workers never have to touch a dirty surface.

“Built for extreme soil removal, empowering workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces, Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® technology allows companies to reduce cleaning times to one-third, chemical consumption by up to 30%, while eliminating costs for unnecessary equipment and consumables,” says Esterhuizen.

“Ultimately the goal of cleaning is to produce an environment free of disease-causing bacteria and virus, to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. This idea of cleaning goes beyond cleaning for appearance only and focuses on properly killing and removing bacteria, moulds, parasites, allergens and viruses,” he reiterates.