The Telkom 94.7 cycling challenge took place on Sunday, 20th November 2016 and it was once again a great success. Major roads in Johannesburg were shut down and over 30 000 cyclists from all walks of life took to the safe and clean route along Johannesburg’s iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge, Zoo Lake, picturesque Steyn City Estate and other memorable sites, thanks to Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s heavy duty mechanical sweeper.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s Tennant Sentinel high performance outdoor rider sweeper cleaned the route on Friday and Saturday prior to the race to ensure that there was no debris, such as glass, wood, stones and other hazardous objects along the cycle route.

“Amongst other factors, the safety of all cyclists and the condition of their wheels depended on the quality of the route surface, which we made sure was cleaned as thoroughly as possible. This reduced the possibility of cyclists pulling out of the race due to a puncture or accidents caused by  debris or objects,” says Peter Esterhuizen, National Sales Manager of Goscor Cleaning Equipment.

According the Esterhuizen, the Tennant Sentinel outdoor rider sweeper was selected to clean the cycle route, as it delivers excellent sweeping performance in harsh and congested environments, achieving consistent cleaning results from its all-weather sweeping capability. “Most importantly, the well-equipped and large cabin provides total comfort and safety for the operator, allowing 360° visibility around the machine for safe maneuvering and a full view of the route,” he adds.

The cycling challenge organisers rented the Tenannt Sentinal work horse from Goscor Cleaning Equipment over a two day period to make sure that the entire route was ready for use.

“This is the second year the organisers of the 94.7 cycle challenge used our road cleaning equipment and we are proud to be part of Johannesburg’s largest cycle event,” concludes Esterhuizen.


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