Goscor Cleaning Equipment, part of the Goscor Group of Companies, will showcase innovative, ground-breaking vacuum and cleaning technology at IFAT and BAUMA Conexpo 2015.

IFAT Environmental Technology Forum Africa presents the ideal platform for Goscor Cleaning Equipment to launch, on 17 September 2015, two vacuum trucks and a Mobile Vacuum Trailer built by local specialist vacuum manufacturer, Highpoint Vacuum.

First in the impressive line-up is the new HPVR-1000 Jetting/Vacuum combination truck with a unique water recycling capability that presents a ground-breaking first for South Africa. Purpose-built for cleaning sewerage and storm water drains, the HPVR-1000 recycler’s impressive jetting and vacuum capacities of up to 500 litres per minute at 200 bar and 3 200 cubic metres per hour respectively, make light work of unclogging sand, silt and foreign materials from storm water drains.

“We designed and manufactured this highly specialised vehicle locally with the exception of the recycling system which we sourced from Dietmar Kaiser, a market leader in this field based in Lichtenstein,” states Highpoint Vacuum CEO David Gade. Explaining how the recycling process works, Gade says that once the vacuumed (dirty) water settles in the vacuum tank, it is filtered and foreign matter is removed by the recycling system. Water loss is minimal during this continuous process and close to 100% of the water is recaptured for re-use in the jetting process.

Gregory Venter, General Manager at Goscor Cleaning Equipment is extremely excited about introducing this new recycler into the local market. “Recycling jetting water can save up to a remarkable 20 million litres of clean water per annum, presenting the ideal environmental solution for water-poor countries like South Africa. In addition, the machine’s capacity to hold 6000 litres of clean water saves fuel and time and substantially improves productivity as work is no longer interrupted by water collection. This innovation is a tremendous scoop for South Africa and it opens up great opportunities for emerging contractors.” He adds that the recycling system carries a 12 month warranty.

The versatile truck can also be used for normal vacuuming or jetting thanks to a partition between the recycling section and the vacuum tank. The HPVR-1000 recycler can be built on most local truck chassis and Gade adds that they work closely with truck manufacturers “to ensure an integrated product so that there is a union between the recycler system and the truck, ensuring that the electronic interface works as one.” According to Gade, the truck is extremely easy to operate and requires a team of only two or three people. “We provide OEM training to Goscor Cleaning Equipment which the company then passes on to customers.”

“Our three-year partnership with Sasolburg-based Highpoint Vacuum to manufacture and supply a quality range of vacuum truck, air movers, jetting and combination jetting machines has been a win-win for both companies,” continues Venter. Established in 2006, Highpoint Vacuum specialises in building its locally designed industrial vacuum and jetting systems on standard truck chassis homologated for on-road use in Southern Africa. “The new Mobile Vacuum Trailer is a direct result of our close cooperation and team work with Highpoint Vacuum. This unique machine meets the need that we identified in the market for an easy to set up and manoeuvre machine for plant clean-ups.” The unit is powered by a turbo-diesel engine which drives Highpoint’s own unique vacuum pump via a reduction gearbox. The elimination of belts and pulleys increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs for the end-user. Fitted on a heavy duty frame with tandem braked axles and 16 inch wheels, the compact machine can be conveniently towed behind a LDV to access difficult to reach industrial and mine sites. The HPVR-1000 Combi Vacuum truck for high pressure jetting applications is another innovation from Goscor Cleaning Equipment and Highpoint Vacuum which completes the product offering on the IFAT stand.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s Bauma stand (# OS100) will exhibit a Positive Displacement Blower (PDB) wet and dry vacuum truck. Featuring a 12 500 tank capacity, the HPVR-1000 PDB is ideally suited for the efficient handling of a wide variety of materials, from slurries to cement and fly ash.

The mining and industrial trade fair is also the launch platform of one of Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s most advanced heavy-duty mechanical-suction sweepers currently available on the market. The new M60’s 6 cubic metre hopper and 6000 kg net payload ensure unmatched performance in extremely heavy-duty urban and industrial conditions. The machine works dust-free even in the dustiest of conditions thanks to the PM10 large surface filters. The advanced CanBus (Controller Area Network Bus) control system connects all the modules working throughout the machine for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. In addition to the load sensing hydraulic system which reduces fuel consumption, the M60 also features a powerful, quiet suction turbine, 4-wheel power steering and 180° right/left hand side front adjustable brush. Comfortable front and rear suspension, a tilting cab and a central drive position ensure optimum operator comfort.

Rounding off Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s display of cleaning technology at this year’s Bauma is the Tennant Sentinel power sweeper. The unit’s self-adjusting centre-point-suspended main brush efficiently picks up sand, dirt, rocks, broken glass and light bulk debris. The state-of-the-art Sentinel dry dust control system with its unique twin vacuum design, traps particles as fine as 3 microns, meeting the most stringent PM-10 environmental requirements of less than 10 microns in size with ease.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment is responsible for all maintenance, service and repair of its vacuum and cleaning machines and equipment. “Our fully qualified after-sales field service team located in various regions around the country is well stocked with parts and spares and offers a rapid 24/7 response to ensure maximum uptime for customers,” concludes Venter.