Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE), South Africa’s leading industrial and commercial cleaning equipment solution specialist, in a joint venture with Highpoint Vacuum, will showcase the new class-leading, locally manufactured Vac-Master vacuum truck at Electra Mining 2014 (stand # OS P42).

The Vac-Master, available in three configurations – Positive Displacement, Liquid Ring and a jetting/vacuum combination, will efficiently recover a full spectrum of materials, from solids and dry bulk powders (fine dust, fly ash and high SG (specific gravity) products) to liquids, slurries and thick sludge.

“Our decision to enter into a joint venture with Highpoint Vacuum in April 2014 to manufacture and supply a quality range of air movers, vacuum trucks, jetting and combination jetting machines was based on a number of clearly defined objectives,” notes GCE’s National Sales Manager, Alex Theodoridis. “Firstly we want to meet a growing need in the local industrial market for air conveyancing equipment that is both specialised and affordable. The vacuum truck in particular has seen a definite increase in demand in South Africa due to its proven productive cleaning method. Because we consider customer relationships of paramount importance, our second objective is to strengthen customer relationships by improving our service delivery.”

“To be able meet these objectives,” explains Theodoridis, “it was necessary for us to move from importing the vacuum trucks to partnering with a local manufacturing company. We are able to pass the host of advantages derived from the joint venture with Highpoint on to our customers. In addition to the benefits of cost reduction, suitability to local conditions for improved reliability and operation and greater versatility by building to individual customer specifications, local manufacture also reduces lead times from eight months down to between 12 to 16 weeks from order to delivery,” continues Theodoridis adding that this even takes into account customisation.

Highpoint builds the locally designed industrial vacuum and jetting systems on locally sourced UD 26-370 truck chassis homologated for on-road use in Southern Africa. “Together with Goscor’s extended existing clientele and excellent dedicated sales team, Highpoint is able to supply high quality, South African manufactured Vacuum trucks and equipment,” remarks David Gade, Member of Highpoint Vacuum.

Discussing the three mobile air conveyor configurations, GCE’s National Divisional Sales Manager, Graeme Kruger, says these systems are based on leading international technology and reliability. “They have the full capabilities and capacities to meet current productivity demands for the effective removal of unwanted material accumulations from virtually any area where bulk materials collect, including remote locations such a mine dumps where there is no power source.”

“Positive Displacement, Liquid Ring and Vacuum/Jetting combination systems are practical working solutions for local air conveying applications in industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, foundries, cement plants and power stations where other methods cannot be employed,” explains Kruger. “Positive Displacement, which uses cyclone filtration with a multi pocket filter chamber, is highly suited for the removal of fine materials such as dust, cement powder and fly ash.” Kruger says that Liquid Ring is the best solution for slurries and sludge but he adds that it can also be successfully used for the removal of fine dust. “Liquid Ring is safe for hazardous Zone 21 and 22 applications because the water that is used in the blower not only acts as a coolant but also prevents any sparks from forming.” The Vacuum/Jetting combination is ideal for the cleaning of boilers, sewer pipes and storm water drains.

To be able to offer the customer the right vacuum solution to meet a particular application optimally, Theodoridis stresses that a site survey is imperative to establish the customer’s specific requirements. “We study site conditions including the size of the area that requires cleaning as well as the type and SG of materials to be recovered in order to determine what vacuum system is needed. Delivering the right solution will ensure maximum productivity for a rapid return on investment and low cost of ownership for our customers.

Turning to service, Theodoridis says GCE offers a full service contract to customers. “We support our machines with a fully qualified after-sales field service team located in various zones around the country who are well stocked with parts and spares and offer a rapid 24/7 response to keep customer downtime to the absolute minimum.”

Theodoridis and Gade believe that this joint venture will set the benchmark in local vacuum technology and agree that it is a win-win for both companies who, as specialists in their respective fields, share a number of synergies. GCE, part of the Goscor Group of Companies and Imperial, is a quality cleaning solutions provider of a world-class offering of proven premium international brands since 1984. Highpoint Vacuum incorporates more than 20 years’ experience in vacuum technology in the design, engineering and manufacture of rugged, high quality, customised vacuum trucks.

Wrapping up, Theodoridis says, “We are here to assist our customers in their core business so we supply more than just a product. We form partnerships with our customers and offer value adding end-to-end cleaning solutions – from quality products and service excellence even to assistance with financial packages.”