Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) is providing added product and service through GHF, which is now its official dealer in Botswana.

Since its establishment in 1999, in Gaborone, GHF – a specialist in maintenance, design and fabrication of specialist equipment, with a wide range of products – has grown to become a reliable and trusted industry player, catering for a spectrum of industries, from mining to commercial and agriculture. GCE is supplying GHF with its full range of Tennant auto scrubber-sweepers, Ghibli wet and dry vacuums, Delphin industrial vacuums, Maer high-pressure cleaners and Kaivac cleaning systems.

“Botswana is a market we have been supplying for some time now. GCE has previously sold a considerable amount of equipment directly to end users in Botswana. However, the problem was that, by not having personnel on the ground in-country, we were unable to provide the swiftest and most efficient aftermarket service, which is a hallmark of our business,” GCE Key Accounts Executive George Jolly comments.

However, by concluding the distribution agreement with GHF, the company will be able to leverage off GHF’s knowledge of Botswana’s business culture, and its local expertise, so as to provide an improved service for GCE’s Botswana clients.
Moreover, Jolly notes that GCE has machines already in operation at several of Botswana’s larger mines.

The distribution agreement offers additional opportunities such as an increased capability to upgrade machines already in operation. It also allows GCE to offer buy-backs as a service for tis customers, in order to get new equipment into the market.

“GHF is an ISO 9001-accredited company, which was very important to us, as it clearly indicates that it is a high-quality and trusted service provider,” Jolly highlights. GHF boasts a full maintenance and back-up team, which has received training from GCE in order ensure it can maintain all the equipment supplied. Jolly is handling GHF’s day-to-day activities, which includes providing training on the machines supplied by GCE. He has also carried out training courses at GHF’s facilities in Gaborone, and is providing additional assistance on the sales side of the business, including the development of sales strategies. “We are assisting the technical staff by training them in our workshop in South Africa, so as to ensure the service they provide matches our standards,” Jolly adds.

GCE’s reputation for being the industry leader in the provision of high-quality cleaning equipment is vitally important. The company has a strong brand image in South Africa, where it supplies top contract cleaners and end-users. It is therefore crucial to maintain its brand image.

“Therefore, we spend a considerable amount of time evaluating potential partnering companies, before we collaborate with them. We are very excited about the prospects of fostering a strong relationship with GHF, so as to provide the highest level of product and service to customers, and expand our footprint, in Botswana, which we believe has fantastic growth potential,” Jolly concludes.