Having been impressed by Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s short-term rental service, Ariel Cleaning has switched to the leading industrial equipment supplier’s long-term rental facility – which offers new machines – in line with its evolving business needs.

To help customers meet their various cleaning needs, GCE offers both short and long-term rental options. With the unsteadiness of the economy, influenced by factors that fall outside the control of industry participants, GCE believes that businesses need flexible solutions, and as a leading provider of industrial cleaning solutions, the company is delivering on those market needs.

One such company that has benefitted from GCE’s flexible rental solution is Cape Town-based cleaning contractor, Ariel Cleaning. The company has been using GCE’s short-term rental services for a while. Having been impressed by the service, Ariel Cleaning has since taken the decision to take a long-term rental facility with GCE.

“Ariel Cleaning has taken three Tennant auto scrubbers – two T12 ride-on units and one 5680 walk-behind – on a 36-month long-term rental contract,” explains Nicholas Wallace, Sales Manager at GCE Cape Town. The machines were delivered in November last year, and Wallace reports that the customer is very happy with both the performance and the service thus far. Consequently, Ariel Cleaning took yet another walk behind unit on a long-term rental contract in February this year. The unit has since been deployed to work at a mall.

Why rental?

Commenting on the importance of GCE’s rental solution, MD Gregory Venter notes that flexibility is key for contract cleaning businesses which are already operating under tough conditions. If a company rents equipment short term and the market deteriorates, they are in a position to return it to the supplier. On the other end of the scale, if they win projects or take on new work, they can still hire more equipment to meet the immediate needs, without taking on greater risk.

“Renting offers a company flexibility, allowing it to easily adapt to business fluctuations, and, depending on a company’s financial strategy, rent payments can be considered an operating expense,” says Venter.

For cleaning contractors, renting may be a way to avoid paying for equipment storage if contract circumstances change. Additionally, if the rented equipment is only needed for a single, specific client, the rental cost can be built into the contract. Renting also offers the opportunity to try out a piece of equipment before buying it.

“In some instances, the cost of owning may be more expensive than renting, especially considering the maintenance costs. The advantage of renting is twofold, especially when renting from a reputable organisation such as GCE. Firstly, we offer full-time, skilled service personnel, and we also keep a large inventory of parts to service the equipment. Secondly, during lengthy rentals, we identify when a piece of equipment needs scheduled maintenance and service personnel is deployed to the site accordingly,” concludes Venter.