There is probably no more important area to be cleaned in an industrial environment than the floor. A poorly cleaned floor is unattractive and potentially dangerous, so cleaning it is a major part of any good housekeeping regime. To achieve good standards of cleanliness there are, fortunately, a range of cleaning machines and a particularly useful one is the industrial floor sweeper.

We are all familiar with the broom and how the friction of the bristles lifts the dirt, which is then collected and removed. The industrial floor sweeper works in a similar way in that instead of a broom head to sweep the debris, rotary brushes are used which act on the floor surface. The brushes are part of a machine which collects the dirt into a hopper for later disposal. The operation of the machine is controlled by the operator at the flick of a switch which means less fatigue and more efficient cleaning.

The two main types of floor sweeper equipment are mechanical floor sweepers and battery-operated floor sweepers. When purchasing a floor sweeper, it is important to first look at the environment you are cleaning. Mechanical floor sweepers utilize a gear type mechanism where the brush is rotated by the use of either gears or a belt. Battery-operated floor sweeping equipment uses a motor which is powered by a battery or battery packs and in most cases does a much better job at removing debris from the floor. The three main things to consider are the type of flooring you are cleaning, the size of the flooring you are cleaning, and how much debris you will be removing from the floor.

Because the type and surface area of floors fall within a wide range, there is a variety of floor sweeper equipment suitable for any job. The main difference is how they are operated; they can be ridden on or the can be pedestrian operated; in other words, the operator walks behind the machine and controls its direction.

Finding the perfect floor sweeper equipment is not as difficult as you may believe, in fact, it’s quite easy! All you need to do is your research!