Omniflex Auto Vac


The OmniFlexTM AutoVacTM is an automated floor cleaning machine that’s three-four times faster than mopping with one major difference: it actually removes the soils completely from the floor surface instead of spreading them around. Even more impressive, it rivals the performance of an autoscrubber – at a fraction of the cost!

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Why is Omni Flex™ AutoVac™ Better?

Cleaning Effectiveness

In comparative tests performed by a major university, the AutoVac system removed up to 99.8% of targeted soil. This was slightly better than an autoscrubber, which removed up to 99.4%. A brand new microfiber mop only removed up to 50.9%. Ask your Kaivac representative for a full report.

High Performance

Independent performance tests show that users can clean more than 20,000 square feet per hour with the battery-powered AutoVac system. Plus, most users won’t have to dust mop before cleaning or trail mop after cleaning.

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