i-team Global

i-team Global focuses on the development and design of high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities – ranging from scrubber-dryers, vacuum cleaners, gum removers, lighting solutions, microfibre pads and all-in-one cleaning islands. i-team’s goal is to simplify the entire cleaning process with its internationally successful 4D holistic cleaning approach offering the market a full package of breakthrough technologies supporting cleaning processes that are faster, cleaner, greener, safer and better for everyone.


Revolutionary, flexible and powerful

Even faster than a conventional auto scrubber

Cleans faster, lowers labor costs

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Start working non-stop

Quick time saver

Cleaning with a battery powered vacuum cleaner is a quick time saver.

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Tackle any surface, even those hard to clean areas like stairs or behind toilet bowls with the i-scrub 21B.

With the telescopic pole, adjustable head and 360 degrees of free motion this machine can reach any area quickly and can be adjusted in a heartbeat to get any area clean.

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