Clean Facilities in the Food and Beverage chain

The food and beverage chain starts on the farm and ends on the plate.  One of the most important aspects for food and beverage businesses, is to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and ensure food safety for customers whilst still meeting ever increasing regulatory demands.  Through the chain, it is vital to make sure that food produced is not contaminated with any potential harmful bacteria, chemicals and toxins from production, transportation or preparation and that is safe for consumption.

Maintaining clean and hygienic environments is critical in food and beverage facilities. The safe manufacturing, processing, packing or holding of food would require the employment of best practices to ensure facilities are kept clean and sanitised to regulatory standards.

“While one cannot properly sanitise a dirty surface, cleaning in the food and beverage industry – in particular – is of paramount importance. Getting surfaces clean should be the priority, and sanitising is almost secondary,” states Pieter Esterhuizen, Sales Director at Goscor Cleaning Equipment.

Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) offers a wide portfolio of high-performing cleaning equipment and total solutions to help provide clean, hygienic environments where food or beverages are prepared, processed, packaged, bottled, stored and/or transported.

“We only represent world-leading brands such as Tennant, i-mop, Kaivac, IPC, Delfin, Portotechnica and we stock a range of quality commercial and industrial cleaning equipment.  Over time we have represented these top brands and have upheld their reputation for reliability and performance.

“Whether your challenge is cleaning in tight, congested spaces or keeping large areas consistently free of dirt and grease build-up, our vast range of cleaning equipment cover all aspects of the value chain,” maintains Esterhuizen.

GCE stocks the largest range of cleaning equipment from commercial and industrial vacuums, single disc machines, scrubbers, sweeper scrubbers, high pressure cleaners, vacuum trucks, road sweepers and escalator cleaners.

“Our solutions cover various industries and applications and are backed by service excellence.  For companies that are not able to purchase machines outright, our short-term rental division offers flexible rental rates for daily, weekly and monthly options and our solid and long-standing relationships with contract cleaners ensure top service at all times,” says Esterhuizen.

While machines are sold with a factory-backed guarantee,  the focus of GCE remains on the after-market support it provides to its customers, ensuring customers’ machines work all the time thereby limiting downtime and providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.